Thursday, September 17, 2020

Trump Superspreader Tour 2020: Specialty Milk, "Kicking Ass" In 2016 (Spoiler: #2 In Actual Votes), Hillary's Emails, Saving The Suburbs, Elizabeth Warren's Ancestors Procreating, Admitting He Stole Money From Military Housing & Daycare For His Non-Existent Wall, Hillary's Emails, Losing All His Friends, Many Countries Call To Congratulate Him On His Amazing Virus Response, Kamala Harris Should Not Be "The First President Of The United States", Biden & The "Democrates" Will Ban Religion & Energy

"Dime Store Slurring Mussolini" Trump In His Usual "Taking-A-Dump" Sitting Position "Close To Criminal"? . . . Trump Should Be Charged With 125,000+ Cases Of Negligent Homicide Or Second-Degree Murder

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