Friday, September 18, 2020

Trump Bloviates: Inventing Grandiose Achievements, Reveling In Police State Violence, Spewing Racism, Threatening To Jail His Opponents, And Praising Both A Treasonous General Who Waged War Against The US & A Slave-Owning President Who Committed US Genocide (And He STILL Thinks Stealth Planes Are Literally Invisible!)

"We Will Teach Our Twisted Speech To The Young Believers
We Will Train Our Blue-Eyed Men To Be Young Believers"
Ghouls Wrong Wrong Wrong Trump Supports A "Herd Immunity" (Or "Herd Mentality", As He Calls It).
That Would Mean 215,000,000 US Infections And Close To 7,000,000 Deaths.
Trump's Free Ride From The Mainstream Media Has Never Ended

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