Saturday, December 19, 2020

Trump & Co-Conspirators Plot Overthrow Of Incoming Government With Military Force
Trump Contradicts Secretary of State, Defends Putin Re Government Computer Hack
Senior WH Official: "It’s Impossible Not To Start Getting Anxious About How This Ends"

Note: President Cannot Appoint A Special Counsel

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laura k said...

Lol @ batshit. :)

allan said...

You might think a well-sourced report of the president planning an illegal coup d'etat from the White House to set himself up as an unelected dictator would warrant headlines in "Second Coming" font, but even though the story broke fewer than 20 hours ago, it is not on the main webpage of the New York Times.
To find it (as of 7:20 PM ET on December 20), you have to click on "Politics", scroll past four top stories ("Latest"), scroll down past 15 other stories, click the article's link, and go to the 6th paragraph, where it is mentioned as more of a parenthetical thought. (Oh, that liberal media!)