Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Delusional: White House Press Secretary Still Talking About The Possibility Of A Second Trump Term (A "Continuation Of Power")

Trump Has Refused To Attend A 
Task Force Meeting For At Least Seven Months

Note: Trump Lawyer Lin Wood Misspelled His Own Name In A Supreme Court Brief

The Sedition Party And Its TV Network

Dr. Trumpenstein Is Now Worried About His Creation

Scenes From Our Next Episode . . .

When There Have Been 30,000 Lies, It's Hard To Pick Only One

1 comment:

Paul Hickman said...

Dump's Lies ..... Mmmmmmmm

The Best Economy Ever was like the Best Buildings or the Best University or the Best Steaks ......

The only things Dump has ever done "Best" is Total Fuck Ups, of that, he is a True Global Contender !