Friday, December 18, 2020

"Sure, More Than 320,000 Americans Are Dead Because We Did Nothing To Stop The Virus, But Why Obsess On The Negative? We Deregulated Frozen Cherry Pie Filling (Now With More Rat Feces In 2021)!"

"Yeah yeah, more than 320,000 Americans have died of a virus we did nothing to stop,
okay, whatever, but we have been busy doing super-duper important things!"

It took an entire fucking year to come up with "Guardians". You might think everyone involved with this nonsense is an irredeemable moron. You'd be right. They stole the logo idea from Star Trek and they stole the name from the Air Force. being generous, that's maybe 15 minutes of work. They likely spent the remaining 364 days, 23 hours, and 45 minutes, figuring out how many millions of taxpayers dollars they were getting in "consulting fees".

Oh, and don't forget the essential work done to allow mega-rich corporations to increase profits by putting more rat feces in frozen pie fillings. #AmericaFirst!

Grifters & Fuckers

Brian Williams's Sense Of Humor Cannot Get Any Drier

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