Thursday, December 17, 2020

Pfizer Tells US It Has "Millions More Doses" Of Vaccine Waiting To Be Shipped; White House Remains Silent (In Accordance With Trump's Obsession With Killing Americans)

A follow-up to yesterday's post about Trump's desire (his obsession, really) to intentionally cause the infection and death of as many Americans as possible:

Over the summer, the Trump administration declined "multiple offers" to purchase an additional 100 million vaccines from Pizer (staying with their original order of 100 million). Those vaccines were then promised to other countries, likely leaving the US without enough vaccines until the second half of 2021.

Not having an adequate supply of vaccines will hamper Joe Biden's efforts at controlling the virus and it will cause the needless deaths of thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of Americans. It's a win-win for Trump. 

Pfizer now reports that it has told the Trump administration it has "millions more doses" available for shipping. All the US needs to do is tell Pfizer where to ship them. The Trump administration is ignoring Pfizer's request. Again, this deliberate silence will lead to the deaths of many Americans.

Donald Trump, in his final days in the White House, is concerned with doing only two things:
(1) convincing lawmakers to commit sedition and overturn the election results
(2) kill as many Americans as he can.
More than 125 Republicans were eager to violate the Constitution and commit sedition, but Trump ultimately failed. He has been far more successful in causing mass death across the country.

Given the evidence that has steadily accumulated since early February (when he admitted to Bob Woodward that he was intentionally lying about the dangers of the virus, knowing it would increase the number of deaths), it's impossible to believe Trump's actions are not intentional and made with full knowledge of the consequences.

This is not breaking news: Journalists have been stating this fact since late March.

Also: Trump today announced plans to cut at least $200 million in health care funding to California in an act of cruel and petty revenge over a 2014 state regulation requiring insurers to cover abortions.

Yesterday, 3,656 people in the US died from COVID-19 and more than 247,000 new infections of the virus were recorded, the highest single-day number yet since the beginning of the crisis. Current hospitalizations also reached a record high: more than 113,000 patients.

Trump's response? "All-time Stock Market high!" He also tweeted: "Get those 'shots' everyone!", but his actions insured there will not be enough shots for "everyone".

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