Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Dirt Don't Vote

Charlie Kirk is a MAGA-dolt whose main claim to fame is embarrassing himself online.

This was his contribution to Sunday's public discourse:

On the off chance Charlie gets a clue and deletes his tweet, he posted the following numbers and quipped: ". . . And we're not allowed to question his 'victory'":
Barack Obama:
—69,000,000 votes
—873 counties

Donald Trump:
—75,000,000 votes
—2,497 counties

Joe Biden:
—81,000,000 votes
—477 counties

Charlie is operating under the assumption that the number of counties won by a candidate is more important than the number of actual votes cast for that candidate.

Charlie also believes all counties are alike. They are not.

The United States contains 3,142 counties. The Census Bureau reported that more than half of the US population lives in 4.6% of them (143 counties). For example, here are the least- and most-populated counties in the US.


Kalawao, Hawaii:                   88
Loving, Texas:                    113
King, Texas:                      289
Kenedy, Texas:                    404
Arthur, Nebraska:                 469


Los Angeles, California:   10,137,915
Cook, Illinois:             5,203,499
Harris, Texas:              4,589,928
Maricopa, Arizona:          4,242,997
San Diego, California:      3,317,749

Twitter tried to help Charlie understand some basic math.

Such as 88 is a smaller number than 10,137,915.

The basic point was: Dirt don't vote.

From others:

Trump won Lassen County, California (4,720 square miles, more than 10,000,000 people)
Biden won Los Angeles County, California (4,751 square miles, fewer than 35,000 people)

Population of Los Angeles County, California: 10,000,000 (1 Biden county (the most populated US county)
Population of Idaho, Kansas, and Kentucky (combined): 9,500,000 (259 Trump counties)

Trump won Loving County, Texas (60 votes to 4 votes)
Biden won Los Angeles County, California (3,028,885 votes to 1,145,530 votes)

Population of California: 40 million (58 counties)
Population of Montana: 1 million (56 counties)

Remember that extremely red map from 2016 that Trump's cult members loved to post? It used the same idiotic logic Charlie used.

Dirt don't vote.

And some people are as dumb as dirt.

* * *

Speaking of idiots who cannot stop embarrassing themselves in public:


allan said...

Tuesday, 9 AM: "Charlie Kirk says he deleted Twitter because he was upset people were calling his tweets dumb."
Tuesday, 3:52 PM: Almost seven hours later, his Twitter is still there. And Charlie is still a dumb liar.

Paul Hickman said...

I will bet Charlie has "slip on" shoes !!!

Tying shoelaces is far too complex for such a simpleton