Monday, October 05, 2020

Trump, To Be Released From Hospital Monday Evening, After Only Three Days, Must Release All Medical Records To Stop Growing Suspicion This Was Nothing But A Hoax

"Don't Be Afraid Of COVID. Don't let it dominate your life."

That's the message MAGA-heads will take from this little episode. And it's the message Trump will be broadcasting until November 3. COVID is no big deal, it really is like the flu, masks are not necessary, crowds are safe, don't be a whiny libtard letting it rule your life.

Let's assume Trump actually had COVID and whatever he was given during his brief three days in the hospital worked. And made him feel 20 years younger! Whatever he was given, cures COVID and works as a "fountain of youth"!! (I suppose when you've developed knowledge, you have an unlimited ceiling of potential.) 

Obviously, Trump's "treatment" needs to be revealed to the world and implemented for every infected patient immediately. If that does not happen, then the chances that this is nothing more than Trump's latest reality television show grow exponentially higher. Numerous questions arose immediately about every aspect of Trump's COVID adventure. There have been several conflicting official stories. Everyone with a functioning brain is extremely suspicious. (He's not being "bring released", he's "leaving".)

Is it a coincidence Trump tested positive immediately after his debate tantrum forced changes to the format to prevent a repeat performance? Is Trump leaving the hospital (less than a week after the debate!!) because he realized saw he got no bump in the polls from "getting sick"? 

Yes, that all sounds crazy. (Maybe that's one of the points.) BUT there have been several instances of Trump abandoning a stance on something once he saw it did not improve his popularity. We know "Oh, he wouldn't do that" does not apply to Trump. He lies about everything, so why would he be honest about this?

By constant lying about everything for decades, Donald Trump has given the world absolutely no reason why his word should be accepted about anything. That is 100% his own fault. The only possible way Trump can be believed is if he releases the results of his COVID tests for the last month, as well as all of his medical records for the past week. 

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Yes, Yes, And Yes.

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