Monday, October 19, 2020

Trump, On Cops Killing Civilians: "It's Not Their Fault. It's Just The Way It Is. ...
[Don't] Take Away The Majesty Of That Position."

This Is A Portion Of An Actual Speech Delivered
Today By The Actual President Of The United States

By the way, did you see Biden this morning? He was very agitated [inaudible] agitated. He was very agitated, and he's screaming at them. And he had nobody in the audience. . . . I love watching those circles. He's got those big, big… They're so well done though. The best thing about his campaign is the guy or woman that does the circles. No, there's a lot of talent there. They're perfect. You know, I'm a perfectionist. Frankly, I am. . . . I look at those circles, very thick and very far apart, I think you got about six of them because that's the number of people that show up. This way he can say, "We were sold out today." I'm fighting against forces who want to destroy everything that you love and cherish. People think of Joe Biden as a nice man, but he's not a nice man. No, he's not a nice man. He was never a nice man. And he was never a smart man. He got lucky. He got lucky that Pocahontas didn't quit earlier. And he's not a good man. He's a corrupt man. And he took an ad against me knowing it was false. You probably know the ad. It's a horrible, vicious ad having to do with the military. It's a totally false, horrible, horrible ad. And nobody has ever done more for the military than I have. Nobody. And we advised him and his group of dishonest cronies, legally, and every other way. We advised them, and we let them know. We're putting complaints in all over the place. But he took a vicious, vicious, horrible ad of something I never said. It was a magazine that's an Obama-type magazine with Obama and Biden and crooked Hillary. I won't even mention it, a third-rate magazine. Loses a fortune. And they made up a story, and they said I said certain things. There's no human being on earth, unless they're seriously, seriously deranged, that would say such a thing. And I said it in front of other soldiers. And I have 26, I think, witnesses saying it's ridiculous. Number one, you wouldn't need any witnesses. Nobody would say anything like that. But we said it never happened. They have no witnesses. They have, I think, an anonymous source. But the source doesn't exist. It was made up. It was made up just like the Russia, Russia, Russia bullshit was made up. So they made it up. They made up this lie, and now it's in television commercials, like I said it. And frankly, if I were a military person, and if I saw that ad, I would never vote for Trump. And I told my people this is a very serious thing. They took a statement, made up a statement, just like they do. This is what they do. They're vicious, horrible people. They made up a statement, and now they put ads in during a football game. I see an ad. I'm watching the game. I must tell you, I'm not into football so much anymore, if you want to know the truth. No, I'm not. It's hard to watch. I love people that honor our anthem and honor our flag. And honor our country. Thank you very much. Thank you. And you look at the basketball. Did you see the basketball rioters filing in? Down 70, 70, 7-0, 70%. who the hell? I didn't watch one shot. No interest. No, no. You know what? People want to watch sports. They have enough of us, right? They have enough of us. There's plenty of us, but down 70%. In one way, it's a shame. And another way… When we had this argument with the NFL two years ago, it really hurt them badly. They were down 25, 30%, right. People weren't going to the games. And I felt we won the battle. I thought it was over. Then I saw her Roger, nice guy, Roger Goodell in his basement wearing a blue t-shirt tight, very tight, like he's a player. It doesn't work. I don't want to have a tight one. I want it as loose as possible. But he's wearing a tight one. He thinks he's all buffed up and everything. Didn't look good. No tie. Just a t-shirt, like an undershirt that's painted blue. That's a blue color. I don't even think it had anything on it. And he said, "We've decided to do this and that." And then I said, "There goes to the NFL right down the tubes." This was during, I think, August. Nobody was even talking about it. What the hell is he doing? And here it goes again. Nobody cares about football because of it. And I don't know how many chances they're going to get, but they ought to get smart because they can't win this war. We want people that love our country. We don't want this crap. If a player is making $25 million a year doing something he'd be doing anyway on the weekend… Okay? Because he loves playing football. And if somebody is making 10 million for blocking a 25 million for throwing, and they say what a horrible country we're living, we can't do that. Can't do it. And you know what? I want them to protest. I think if they want to protest, they can. There's reason. There's always reason to protest. They can. But not then, and not sitting on a knee instead of standing proudly with your hand on your heart. And you know, in the contract, they have a clause. You have to stand hand on heart. They actually have, I think, hand on heart. But they don't want to exercise it because they're weak. They're weak people, and weak people is what got our country in trouble. And you talk about weak and Joe Biden. Joe Biden and the socialists will kill your jobs, dismantle your police departments, dissolve your borders, confiscate your guns, and impose a $4 trillion tax hike on your companies and yourselves. . . . They want to attack religious liberty, drive God from the public square, and destroy your suburbs. I say that to the women because I keep hearing. They said, "The women from the suburbs." No, I think the women from the suburbs are looking for a couple of things. One of them is safety. One of them is good, strong security. And one of them is they don't want to have low-income housing built next to their house. And you know, who makes up 30% of your suburbs? Minorities. African Americans. Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, minorities. Okay? People think, "Is it racist?" It's not racist. It's the opposite. . . . But they keep talking about the women from the suburbs. I say, "I think we're going to have a big resounding, 'What the hell happened with women to the suburbs? They really like Trump a lot.'" Only vote for me if you're a woman from the suburbs. And I shouldn't say this because they'll bring it up, but one time early on… I haven't been doing this that long. I haven't been doing it. I have guys that had been running, "Sir, I've been running for 40 years." I said, "Well, I've only run for two years, but I became president. You didn't." But it's interesting because I really think that women from the suburbs are going to like Trump, because it is about safety. It is about safety. And when you see what happens in our cities, where they run and ransack. They're anarchists. And you know what? They actually say the suburbs are next. And just so you know, it's so important. These are Democrat-run states and cities. Republicans are doing great. And we're not going to let this happen, and we'll stop it. We want a resounding victory. We're going to stop it. But the suburbs are next. But I did say early on, I said, "Housewives from the suburbs." They went after me when I said that. Let me ask you, the women from the suburbs, do you mind when we say "Housewives in the suburbs?" No? They're all saying no. But I'll do it politically correct anyway, if you don't. I'll say women. But I said, "Housewives from the suburbs." They went crazy. "Donald Trump, he wasn't politically correct." I said, "Michael." Biden supports cutting police funding, abolishing cash bail. You've got a murder. Oh, let's let them out. Oh, let's let them walk the street. You see what's happening in New York? What they're doing to New York, our governor, what he's doing to New York is horrible. And he called law enforcement, Sleepy Joe called law enforcement, recently, "the enemy." No, no. Law enforcement has done an incredible job. And you're always going to have a bad apple. You're always going to have somebody that chokes you. They have a quarter of a second. Do you ever see where they have? Do you ever see the test where somebody slashes open the door? You've got a quarter of a second. And they could be on the force for 30 years, but that's a hard thing to do. And you're going to have people they choke, like in sports. You see that they choke. Some people choke. Then you have Jack Nicholas and you have Tiger, and you have great people that tend to choke a lot less. But some people choke, and it's not their fault. It's just the way it is. You have a quarter of a second to make a decision, quarter of a second. Think of it. Joe Biden and the Democrat party, they've waged a war on police and cops and inciting riots. And that's what you do. When you take away the majesty of that position, you are inciting violence. When you allow people to loot stores, and you have the police standing back…And they want to go in and do a job. Oh. And they can do it so easy. You don't even need us to bring in the National Guard like we did in Minneapolis. Like we were ready to do in Seattle, and then they gave up the night before. Because they didn't want to play games. I was so disappointed when they gave up. I was. The one I really want to do is Portland. That's going to be so easy. We have to be invited, and the governor doesn't want. I call her. I say, "Governor, let us go in. Give us 30 minutes, Governor." But you know what? I don't want to violate. I could, I guess, if I did. But we have to be invited in. And the city, it's the craziest thing. These are anarchists. That would be the easier one. Would love to go in and do something big with Chicago. That's actually a bigger problem. That's actually a bigger problem. Harder. The easy one are the anarchists in the middle of the street that hate our country. Hate our cops. You saw them. They killed this young man, right? They shot him in the street. And a day went by. They knew the guy, and they didn't arrest him. Another day went by, they didn't. I called down. I said, "What's going on?" They didn't arrest him. They knew who he was. They knew where he was. They didn't want. They would have never. So I sent in our great US Marshals. They were so happy. The law enforcement, they love our country. They were so happy. And this guy was a killer. He had other crimes, too, by the way. Bad ones. But he shot this young man right in the middle of the street. Shot him. You heard the bullet ring out. You heard the people's scream. They knew who it was. They said, "That was so-and-so." So after two and a half days, I said, "Go in. We got to get him." Fifteen minutes, it was all over. It was all over. That was it. It was all over. Here in Nevada, rioters burned the city of Reno. . . . Remember in Minneapolis, where the mayor ordered the police to leave the premises? Seattle. Leave the premises. And then they took over the police department. You have that, you're not going to have a country. But this is the radical left. This is the radical left. Joe Biden will appease the rioters, looters, and anarchists. And I'm having them arrested instead, if you don't mind. And remember, it's all the Democrat cities and states. All in Democrats. If you're a moderate Democrat, or a liberal, who knows that your party has gone totally off the rails, we are welcoming you with open arms to the Republican Party. . . . Remember, they said, "I'm going to be in wars." That's my personality, they think. It's not really. It is if we have to. I'll be better than anybody else. But you say, "Whatever happened to North Korea?" Remember, we were supposed to be in a war? With Obama or Hillary or whoever it was, you would have been in a war. Obama expected to be in a war. And it would have been a bad war. Now, Biden is pledging mass amnesty and free healthcare for illegal aliens . . . Under my leadership, we are delivering a safe vaccine and very rapid recovery. And we're all set to deliver it. We have the military ready to deliver it. It's going to be incredible. We have a general, that's what he does. He delivers soldiers and delivers everything. This is easy for them. It will be delivered very, very rapidly. Joe Biden would terminate our recovery, delay the vaccine, and annihilate Nevada's economy with a draconian, unscientific lockdown. Because they're finding out these lockdowns aren't working. Look at Europe. They're having this massive surge. They've been locked down. Okay? Look at these lock downs. They've been locked down, and now they're having a surge. Look at Michigan. Michigan had a surge. Well, who's been tougher than her? She ran it like a prison. She was like a warden, right? And they have a surge. And then they say, "She's doing a wonderful job." I don't think. I think she's doing a terrible job. By the way, I know all of the governors. We basically deal with the governors. The governors run their states. We give them the equipment. We help them out. We got them all of the ventilators. We did an incredible job with it. Jared Kushner did a great job. We had so many. We had so many. No, he did an incredible job helping. He got these guys from Silicon Valley. Nobody understood. We didn't. Ventilators, right? No, but for that, they're good. I have to tell you. They came in. Everybody said, "These things are complicated." They walked in like, "That's got to be the simplest piece of equipment we've ever seen." And we now have become the ventilator. We're making thousands and thousands a month, and we're actually giving. We don't need any. But we didn't have ventilators. We weren't equipped for a thing like this. Our cupboards were empty. The governors' were. And I got to know all the governors. Some did a great job, and some did a poor job. But when we had our weekly calls with the governors, they would say, even the biggest enemies, the biggest haters, "Sir, thank you very much." Or to our great vice president, who headed up the task force, Mike Pence. Mike Pence. Oh, did he do well in his debate with her? That was unfair. If that were a fight, they would've stopped it. They should have stopped it. I said they should have stopped that debate in the middle. That's a great expression, right? Boxing. You learn UFC. If that were a fight, they would have stopped it. But Mike was great, and he's done great. And he did great with this whole thing. But the governors would say on conference calls, all 50, usually almost all of them were on because they all wanted everything. Their cupboards were empty. That was their fault, I guess. But let's say it was their fault. But we had to help them. And we did. We built hospitals for some of them. We built everything. We did a great job. But they would say, "Thank you very much. Great job, great job, great job." Every one of them. And if they weren't happy, we'd would make them happy during the call because we had the generals, the admirals. We had great people, and we took care of them. And they'd say, "Great job. Thank you very much, Mr. President. Mr. Vice President, thank you very much. Great job." We were sending a lot of gowns to Michigan. Goggles to Michigan. Lots of things to all the different states. But she'd say, "Great job. Thank you very much." And we have it all down. It's all down because I think all those calls… I hope they were taped. Hey, could you imagine if we didn't have my call with the President of Ukraine, if we didn't have that transcribed? Then it would have been this crazy maniac named Adam Schiff with his phony story that he told to the United States. But we had it transcribed. Isn't that a wonderful thing? So I think we have it transcribed or taped. But all the governors, every one of them, "Thank you very much. Great job. Great job. Great job." Then they go outside, and they see the press. They get nervous with the press. These guys. They make them nervous. "We're not very happy with the job the president's doing." I said, "These no good people." But you know what? Someday I'll tell you the story. We had some great ones, and we had some people that didn't know what the hell they're doing. But I'll let you know at the right time who they were. Under the Biden lockdown, the lights of Reno and Las Vegas were extinguished. Carson City will become a ghost town. If he comes in, Carson City will become a ghost town. And the Christmas season will be canceled. Look, remember I said we're going to bring back Christmas? The name. Remember? We brought it back. Remember? I used to go around saying, "We will bring…" Because I saw these big department stores. They thought it was politically correct. So they'd say, "Have a great season." I say, "No, I don't want to have a great season. I want to say Merry Christmas. Say Merry Christmas." Now, they're all saying Merry Christmas. . . . A friend of mine, and a man is doing really well. He's a very smart guy, and respected by everybody. He's watching those ballots come in. I think he's watching every one of them. Your former attorney general, respected. They love him, and I love him. Adam Laxalt. So, Adam, are you and Nick finding any bad things? Anything bad happening? Can you please watch very closely, Adam? For the people, not for me. You're not doing this for me. You're doing it for the people. Okay. He's got the most important assignment there is. Because a lot of bad things. They're finding those things in creeks. They're finding them in riverbeds. They're finding them in ash cans and dumpsters. And large numbers in Ohio; 50,000 we're missing. In Virginia, 500,000 applications were made that were false. And in one place, everything was good except for one problem. They forgot to put my name on it. Other than that, it was great. Other than that, it was great. Other than that. They were very reasonable, but my name wasn't on it. And then, somehow that didn't work out too well, Michael. A lot of them, too. And then they found some military ones. Great, great military ones. And they were found in a wastepaper basket. And they all had the name Trump on it. They were all signed for Trump. They were Trump. They voted for Trump. Unfortunately, I don't think they're going to get there because they were in the wastepaper basket. Anyway. . . . It's interesting. The polls are showing Trump. They're say, "What the hell is going on with Trump and the Hispanic American community?" No, we're at the highest level that they've ever had recorded for a Republican. It's got to be higher, but it's literally we're beating the Democrats, who have been all talk and no action. All talk. I like Hispanics. I like Hispanics. I like Hispanics Americans. I'm taking care because I'm fighting for school choice, right? Safe neighborhoods and Hispanic-owned small businesses. You have no idea how great business people. Hispanic Americans are great business people. I've known that for a long time. Sometimes they say they're too good. They are tough sometimes. But they're great business people. And we've helped him. Joe Biden would crush everything Hispanic Americans have worked for, wiping out your small businesses with lock downs and regulations, and devastating your families with massive tax hikes. Your tax hikes. By the way, all my life, if you're running for office, you cut taxes. Who the hell ever heard of a guy running? Here's a guy, can't put two sentences together. And he wants to quadruple your taxes. And they say, "He's tied in Nevada." How the hell can we be tied? How can I be tied with him in Pennsylvania, and he doesn't want to frack? That's a million jobs. And it's going to destroy our energy business because we're energy independent. We're tied. What's going on? And okay. So he goes out. Gets no people at any of the rallies. I go out, we get 35, 40,000, 25,000, 15,000. We go, boom! 15,000. We get the biggest crowds in the history of politics. Look, everything I say, they'll correct. They'll say… Who cares? I don't even care what they say at this point. But we get these massive crowds. He gets nobody. And then they say, what tied. What the hell kind of a business are you in, Michael? It doesn't make sense. How do you guys do this?


laura k said...

With Obama or Hillary or whoever it was, you would have been in a war. Obama expected to be in a war. And it would have been a bad war.

I found one true statement! You have to substitute "the Democrats" for "Obama or Hillary or whoever it was".

What's my prize?

allan said...

Prize: You don't have to watch video of him saying all that shit.