Thursday, October 29, 2020

As US Sets Third (Or Fourth) Single-Day Record For New Cases In One Week (91,330), Trump Keeps Lying: "We Are Absolutely Rounding The Corner ... We're Turning The Corner ... We're Rounding The Curve ... We're Rounding The Corner ... We're Making That Turn"

October 23: 81,424 new cases and 902 new deaths
A new record for the most single-day new cases for any country on Earth and the first day with 80,000+ new cases
October 24: 80,249 new cases and 787 new deaths
Our World In Data reports 85,329 new cases (which would be a new single-day record)
October 25: 63,514 new cases and 442 new deaths
"After the virus hit, we recovered faster than any major nation in the world. . . . [T]here's no nation in the world that's recovered like we've recovered."
October 26: 69,848 new cases and 529 new deaths
"We're doing a great job. We are absolutely rounding the corner. Other than the fake news wants to scare everybody, we are absolutely rounding the corner."
October 27: 75,980 new cases and 1,055 new deaths
"You turn on [the TV] . . . COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID. . . . And you know why we have so many cases? Because we test more . . . I mean, it's a very simple thing . . . But they use it to make us look bad, but here's the story. It's COVID, COVID, COVID. . . . And the vaccines are coming right around the corner. And if I weren't here, it would have taken two, three, four years before you had this stuff. It's happening now . . ."
"And I say, we're turning the corner. We're turning the corner. We're rounding, like this racetrack. Look at this, it's perfect. We're rounding the curve. We will vanquish the virus. And by the way, we're going to have the vaccine. . . . We have the vaccine. We're going to have it very soon. Very soon. We're going to deliver it. But without it, also, we're rounding the curve, we're rounding the corner. It's happening."
"We're making that final turn. They don't want to hear it. We're making that turn. You know that right? We're going to have the vaccine, anyway with or without it, we're making the turn. Normal life will fully resume. That's all we want. We want normal life, normal life, go back seven months, we'll take normal life, greatest economy we ever had. We want normal life and next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country. That's where we're heading. Super V."
". . . a great vaccine. And that's all set. . . . Our military is going to deliver it. It'll be done very quickly. . . . We will get rid of this virus. It'll be very – you watch, it's going to happen very quickly . . . This was a terrible, terrible thing that happened, terrible thing that happened. Terrible thing that happened."
October 28: 81,585 new cases and 1,030 new deaths
A new record for the most single-day new cases for any country on Earth.
". . . a safe vaccine is coming very quickly. You're going to have it momentarily . . . we're rounding the turn regardless. You know that. We've got the vaccine. I say, regardless, they'll say, "Well, maybe you don't." We have it. . . . We pioneered groundbreaking therapies and I'm telling you we're down 85%. Think of that. Think of that. Down 85%. Nobody has any idea what that means . . ."
October 29: 91,330 new cases and 1,047 new deaths
A new record for the most single-day new cases for any country on Earth and the first day with 90,000+ new cases. First instance of three consecutive days with 1,000+ new deaths in almost two months.
"All Biden does is talks about COVID. Right? He doesn't call it the China virus. You know why? Because China has him paid off. He can't use that term."
"My plan for America will deliver a safe vaccine. You're going to have it in a few weeks. It's coming very quickly. . . . Our vaccine will eradicate the virus, and by the way, we have it. But whether we have it or not, it's rounding the turn. It's rounding the turn."
Back in late June, Dr. Anthony Fauci told the US Senate he "would not be surprised" if new virus cases eventually topped 100,000 per day. With cases increasing from coast to coast and more than 91,000 new cases on Thursday, it looks like the US will be hitting six figures very soon. 41 of the 50 states have at least 10% more new cases this week as compared to last week. 

About fourteen weeks ago (July 22), the US death toll was roughly 145,000. At that time, projected "219,864 deaths by November 1, 2020". The US passed that number approximately three weeks ago. The number of deaths is about 235,000.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the true US death toll attributable to the pandemic is about 300,000, through early October. This number included "not only deaths known to have been directly caused by the coronavirus, but also roughly 100,000 fatalities that are indirectly related and would not have occurred if not for the virus".

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