Thursday, October 08, 2020

Second Trump-Biden Debate Will Be Virtual; Biden Says "Cool", Trump Refuses, Calls It "A Waste Of Time" (In A Deranged Fox Interview (Is There Any Other Kind?))

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced today that the second Trump-Biden debate, scheduled for Thursday, October 15, will be virtual, with the candidates in different locations, "to protect the health and safety of all involved".

Joe Biden said he "looks forward to speaking directly with the American people" and discussing "his plan for bringing the country together".

Donald Trump said fuck that noise. 
That is not acceptable to us . . . I'm not going to do a virtual debate . . . I am not going to waste my time on a virtual debate. That's not what debating is all about. You sit behind a computer and do a debate, it's ridiculous.
CPD Chairman Frank Fahrenkopf told NBC News there is no requirement to debate. "It is up to the individual candidate." He pointed out Jimmy Carter refused to debate Ronald Reagan in the first debate before the 1980 election.

Trump can refuse, but it looks really bad, especially after his childish tantrums in the first debate. #ChickenTrump is already trending. 

I expect Trump will back down and participate. Trump advertises himself as the kind of manly man who would immediately confront an armed gunman despite not having a weapon himself and he cannot bear the thought of appearing scared to debate an opponent he portrays as senile and sleepy.

* * *
Let's see.

Trump refused to participate in next week's virtual debate, he lied about COVID immunity, lied about "Regeneron" being a cure (it's not even a drug, it's a company name), lied about being "a perfect physical specimen" ("essentially very clean", "almost not taking" any drugs, except for a steroid, but "not a heavy steroid"), lied that after you catch COVID, "you get better, that's what happens" (216,000+ Americans might dispute that, if they hadn't died), lied that he was not contagious despite testing positive for a highly communicable and fatal disease, implied military families infected him with the virus, claimed China put a "curse" on the US, threw the FBI director under a bus for not finding Hillary's emails, lied and said law enforcement is tailing the governors of Nevada and New Mexico, lied about killing terrorists with "bigger names" than OBL, lied when he called Kamala Harris a communist (I'd pay $$ to hear Trump define "communist"), lied about middle-income tax cuts, lied about finding "trays of ballots in the river" (the river, like only one exists), was unable (for the sixth or seventh time!) to say what his second-term goals are, lied about having a shot at winning New York (he trails by 30 points), explained that all polls are fake because of thousands of boats and trucks (?), ranted and yelled about Clinton and her emails, referred to Harris as "this monster" and "totally unlikeable", said the electoral college is biased against Republicans, claimed nobody had ever heard of tariffs until he came along (the US has had them since 1789) and said the US will plunge into an unprecedented depression if he loses the election next month (as opposed to Trump's own depression).

Hey, just a few little blips, nothing anyone would likely notice.

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