Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Trump Throws Tantrum, Storms Out Of "60 Minutes" Interview (Which Will Air Sunday); He Adds Adam Schiff To His Expanding List Of Enemies He Wants Arrested & Jailed

Michael M. Grynbaum and Maggie Haberman, New York times, October 20, 2020:
President Trump abruptly cut off an interview with the "60 Minutes" star Lesley Stahl at the White House on Tuesday and then taunted her on Twitter, posting a short behind-the-scenes video of her at the taping and noting that she had not been wearing a mask in the clip.

Mr. Trump then threatened to post his interview with Ms. Stahl ahead of its intended broadcast time on Sunday evening, calling it "FAKE and BIASED."

The spectacle of a president, two weeks from Election Day, picking a fight with the nation's most popular television news program began on Tuesday after Mr. Trump grew irritated with Ms. Stahl's questions, according to two people familiar with the circumstances of the taping. . . .

It appeared that Ms. Stahl's approach did not sit well with the president. Hours later, Mr. Trump said on Twitter that he was considering posting the interview with Ms. Stahl "PRIOR TO AIRTIME!" He described it as a "terrible Electoral Intrusion" and suggested that his Democratic opponent, Joseph R. Biden Jr., had been treated less harshly by journalistic interlocutors.

Meanwhile . . . Trump Still Thinks Stealth Jets Are Literally Invisible.

Trump Has Also Warned That Weak, Sleepy, Senile Biden Will
"Hurt" God And Possibly Destroy God
If Elected ("There Will Be No God")

Trump Paid $750 In US Taxes From 2013-15.
He Paid More Than 250 Times That Amount To China In Taxes.

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And they call *us* snowflakes!

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