Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Normalcy: Trump Calls Biden A "Wacko" As He Wraps Up A 51-Tweet Binge
Lasting 2½ Hours (All Before 10 AM)

It can't go on like this. How can there be surreal day followed by surreal day followed by surreal day with no let-up? 

I think that today will finally be a day of relative calm, with few speedbumps of insanity and perhaps Trump will take a nice nap and . . .


Double Shit!

Fine. Everything is forever fucked.

Plus, there is a debate tonight.

Some Things Are Back to Normal, However
Trump Is Posting Delusional Gibberish On Twitter.

Trump Has Done More To Protect The US From COVID Than Pelosi Has Done
About A Second Impeachment/Removal From Office. Why Doesn't She Believe 
Trump's Intentional, Deliberate Inaction For More Than 10 Months That Has 
Killed 216,000+ Americans (So Far!) Rises To The Level Of An Impeachable Offense?
Pelosi Is Useless. Her Words Are Simply Noise.
Jeremy Diamond (CNN): "Trump spends most of this video talking up the experimental Regeneron antibody cocktail he received in his treatment, falsely calling it a 'cure' and confirming for the first time he ASKED his doctors to treat him with that: 'It was my suggestion -- I said let me take it.'"

Dan Froomkin (Press Watch): "Among other things, Trump got the Regeneron cocktail sometime before Friday, before he went to Walter Reed, and before his fever and breathing problems so that's a big lie."

The Hoarse Whisperer: "Rambling and incoherent. For starters, Trump thinks the drug cocktail he was given is named Regeneron. There is no drug called 'Regeneron'. That's the name of the drug company. It's like saying 'They injected some Pfizer into me!'"

Melissa Allaneous: "The monoclonal antibody he received FROM Regeneron also happens to be made with * fetal * stem * cells.* Square that, pro-life crazies!"

Green Man!: "LOL it sounds like a sci-fi name like 'unobtanium. 'They injected me with Regeneron and it completely cured my missing leg!'"

Aaron Rupar (Vox): "Regeneron is the new bleach."


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