Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Gorsuch: Courts Must Not Succumb To The "Temptation" To Protect the Right To Vote

Trump said on Tuesday that counting all the ballots cast in an election is (or should be) illegal. He wants all votes received after Election Day (no matter what the reason for the delay) to not be counted.

The Supreme Court appears to agree with him. Even though many of the ignored ballots would have been cast for Trump and there has never been an election in the United States in which all ballots were counted on Election Day. Never. Not one.

But Trump et al. don't care if all the votes for him are counted. The vote totals in any particular state (and the US, in general) are irrelevant. The goal is creating widespread chaos and having the Supreme Court award him a phony victory. Trump has gone a long way towards achieving that goal by installing a justice that many Republicans are publicly bragging is wholly partisan.

Meanwhile, Trump played the same set list at today's Superspreader event. He:

admitted he hates testing for the coronavirus "in many ways"

said testing causes cases (hey, he hasn't claimed testing causes deaths (yet))

said it was a matter of opinion whether a militia plot to abduct and murder Michigan governor Whitmer was a problem ("maybe it wasn't")

claimed to have won the "Michigan Man of the Year" (an award that has never existed)

thinks all women are housewives and don't have jobs

bragged that he punched the virus and beat it up

expressed jealousy over how much attention the virus has been getting (acknowledging reality is now an attack on Trump)

boasted that many dictators, who are also his friends, praise him for the awesome job he's done with [destroying] the American economy

confessed to war crimes 

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