Friday, October 09, 2020

Fascists Love Balconies

This Plague Isn't Going To Spread Itself

The Times Publishes Its Third Big Story On Trump's Taxes

The Most New Cases In One Day In Over Than Two Months
White House Blocked C.D.C. From Requiring Masks On Public Transportation (MYT) 

Does Trump's Secretary of Failure Have COVID?
Does "Lady G" Have COVID?

US Attorney General Says Interfering In Elections Is Legal

Head Of Country Calls For Opposition Party Members To be Jailed

2020 Is An Unmitigated Shit Show For Trump,
So His Sycophants Are Pretending It's Still 2016

Why Is This Type Of Questioning Beyond The Abilities Of Nearly Every
Single TV News Person? It's Journalism 101. ... No, It's More Basic.
It's Journalism 100. It Should Be As Automatic As Bringing A Piece
Of Paper And A Pen When You Go Out And Cover A Story.

(Trump Probably Thinks If Biden Dies Before November 3,
He's Automatically Awarded A Second Term.)

I Appreciate The Point They Are Making, But
The Flood Of Undisguised Misogyny Overwhelms The Joke

"The People Who Came After Starbucks Because They Didn't Say 'Merry Christmas' Are Now Silent When Their First Lady Says 'Fuck Christmas'"

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