Friday, October 09, 2020

Trump Tells Hannity He's Not Sure If Any Virus Was Detected In Him, Accuses The Governor Of Virginia Of Executing A Baby, Says California Is Rationing Water Because Millions Of Gallons Are Wasted In The Ocean To Save "Certain Tiny Little Fish", Insists Obama Committed "Creason", Stops Speaking To Cough Several Times, Refuses To Confirm If He's Tested Negative, But Says He's Feels Great And Plans To Hold A Rally Saturday Night

Did Trump Just Say The Quiet Part Out Loud Again?

This Could Be A Weekend Unlike Any We've Ever Seen:
Trump Coming Down Off His Steroids, Going Into The 
Dangerous Second Phase Of The Virus, Already So Batshit 
Even Hannity Has No Clue How To Deal With Him, Plus 
His Doctors Said He'll Be At A Critical Stage Until Monday, 
But Then Okayed Him To Hold A Rally In Florida On Saturday

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