Friday, October 09, 2020

Limbaugh Conducts Two-Hour Therapy Session/Pity Party For Trump:
"This Unfairness Never Ends!"

The President of the United States said this today, ostensibly about Iran, but it clearly applies to anyone who dares cross the Very Stable Genius, as it came less than 24 hours after a loose-knit terrorist cell of his supporters was arrested for plotting to kidnap the governor of Michigan (because she criticized the president) and start a race war, in addition to taking the governor to a secret location for a "trial". The group spied on the governor's vacation home for the last two months and been building explosive devices. 

Donald Trump, who last week refused on national television to condemn white terrorists, blamed the governor for the plot against her. A Trump advisor said if the governor simply had been nicer to the president, this wouldn't have happened. (Which makes it sort of clear who is ultimately behind the plot.)

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