Monday, March 01, 2021

Trump Received Covid-19 Vaccine In January (But Did It Secretly And Lied About It, Because He's A Sociopathic Asshat Who Loves To Dupe (And Kill) His Supporters)

* * *

More Like 415,000, Actually

Trump Tried To Get Armed MAGA Mob To Murder VP Pence;
Now Trump Is Saying The Same Things About Supreme Court Justices

"I Did A Lot Of Moves"
The "It Was Antifa" lie being told by Trump and other GQP politicians has infuriated a lot of MAGA supporters who expected, and are demanding, proper credit for the deadly terrorist attack on the Capitol. They don't understand why Trump refuses to tell the truth about their grand show of loyalty. Many of them have done interviews saying: "It was not "Antifa". It was us!! MAGA!!"

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