Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Major Biden Nipped Someone (Did Not Break The Skin). The US Media Has Spent More Time Covering This "Story" Than It Has On The 26 Credible Rape And Sexual Assault Allegations Against Donald Trump


johngoldfine said...

I get nipped a dozen times a day either in play or, little difference, annoyance that I'm taking my own sweet time over something. Jean is NEVER nipped.... The only time I've ever been bitten and bled was by a 15 year-old, mostly blind rescue dog, who wanted his damn supper on the floor now, dammit, and not on its way down to the floor in my hand.

I can imagine the stress dogs are under suddenly in the WH, surrounded all day by strangers, no clear routine.

allan said...

My little sweetheart ripped my right-hand ring finger a couple of weeks ago. I needed seven stitches. Was it her fault? Of course not. She was extremely stressed out and I stupidly put my hand somewhere it should not have been (and I knew it was wrong and dangerous before I did it). Christ, if anything, I love her more now because I understand how fucking stressed she can get and I want to make sure that doesn't happen anymore. . . . How about they question that WH employee. That dog is likely a good judge of character.

laura k said...

Allan's actually been bitten badly twice -- both times trying to break up a fight.

I see only one US-based news source and saw nothing about this at all. Thank dog.