Sunday, February 28, 2021

"Do You Miss Me Yet?"

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Trump's Businesses Raked In $1.9 Billion Of Revenue During His First Three Years In Office;
Ivanka Trump Made Up To $640 Million While Working In Washington

43 United States Cities Go Without Clean Drinking Water;
45 Million Americans Have No Access To Clean Water (14%: 1 Out Of Every 7 Americans)
An Incomplete List:
Trump Has Called For The Cancelling Of Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Macy's, Apple, Italy, Scotland,
Mexico, Goodyear, Glenfiddich Whiskey, Oreos, New Balance, Under Armour, AT&T, T-Mobile, Boeing, Merck,
Nordstrom, General Motors, Toyota Motor Corp., Nike, Harley Davidson, New York Times, Washington Post,
Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Dallas Morning News, Arizona Republic, The Editorial Board Of
The Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, ESPN, CBS, HBO, CNBC, Univision, Touré (MSNBC),
Chris Matthews (MSNBC), Graydon Carter (Vanity Fair), Charles Krauthammer (conservative writer),
Rich Lowry (National Review), Jonah Goldberg (National Review), Sopan Deb (CBS News), Katy Tur (NBC/MSNBC),
Karl Rove (Republican Commentator), Megyn Kelly (Fox News), Chuck Todd (NBC), Paul Krugman (New York Times),
Dave Weigel (Washington Post), Fox News Pollsters, Joe Lockhart (CNN Analyst), Joy Reid (MSNBC),
Chris Cuomo (CNN), NFL Players Who Don't Stand For The National Anthem, The Entire NFL, The Entire NBA,
Debra Messing (Actor), Tom Ford (Designer), And All Products Made In China (He Has Supported The Cancelling
Of Walmart, Netflix, Budweiser, Starbuck's, Keurig Coffee Makers, Target, Pepsi, And Gillette)
Trump Pledges Party Unity Before Attacking Every Republican Who Supported His Impeachment

"It Has Just Been Stated . . ."

The Grift Is The Point

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