Thursday, March 04, 2021

Texas GQP Governor Eliminates All Pandemic Health Measures, Begins Coordinated Effort To Blame Immigrants For Future Increased Infection Rates & Deaths

Texas GQP Governor Greg Abbott wants to distract attention from the Texans he killed (current toll: 80) with his greed and dereliction regarding energy management. (Also: Guess who's footing the bill for the estimated $200 million in damages? Spoiler: Not the people at fault.)

Abbott has a cunning plan. He'll kill hundreds of Texans with his sociopathic dereliction regarding COVID testing. Then blame brown people! (He is also actively preventing efforts to expand tests for migrants, so he can vilify them for allegedly spreading the virus.)

Odds are, it will work. It usually does.

Abbott boasted: Texas is now "100% open". . . . Weeeelllllllll, not quite.

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