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Biden Has Been President For One Month. What Is New With Q?

Are you curious what the QAnon believers have been saying since their messiah (literally) abandoned the White House to Joe Biden and pretty much went into hiding?

You should click here. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Jim Vorel states that he had "grown particularly fascinated by the intensity of belief in the QAnon conspiracy theory on the far-right in the months leading up to the election", so he dove into the Q stew in an attempt

to understand how they operate, what they believe, and why they choose to believe proven falsehoods. This took the form of endlessly browsing threads on Twitter, on Parler (now back from the dead) on Gab, on Telegram and more in the period between Election Day and Inauguration Day, observing how Q influencers continued to rationalize Trump's defeat and promise that everything would still be okay as long as followers continued to "Trust the Plan." I then assembled more than 100 images collected during that period into this long essay on QAnon, in my attempt to provide a comprehensive primer on the potent combination of delusion, rage and depression that steers this community from day to day.

Vorel published his long essay on Inauguration Day. He says Q believers

were expecting the military that were assembled in D.C. to safeguard the inauguration after the Jan. 6 insurrection/Capitol storming to intervene at the last moment, arresting Biden and ushering in the always delayed "Storm" in which Anons believe all their perceived political enemies will be rounded up and executed.

None of that happened, of course. But:

Within hours after the inauguration, new narratives were emerging to explain how Biden was able to take office on Jan. 20, 2021, ranging from "Trump is still secretly President" to "Biden had to become President in order for Trump to destroy Biden at a later date." Rest assured, the inauguration of Biden dealt the average QAnon believer a heavy blow, and there has been no shortage of former believers drifting away from the theory in the last month, rediscovering reality in the process. But just as many have clung to their faith in the Q cult as their sole lifeline, many having already seemingly burned all their bridges with former friends and family who might have been able to help. There are some people who are simply "in too deep" to find their way back now.

At the same time, "Q" has been completely silent. Q has not posted anything online in over than two months and, As Vorel puts it, Q has not "written a full sentence in more than three months at this point".

Vorel is now following "numerous Q influencers" to see "how the movement was rationalizing life during Biden's presidency, when it should be obvious to any observer that there was never any substance to Q's claims". 

It's a very long post with many screenshots of posts. 

Right off the bat, many QAnon followers believe Biden isn't actually the current President and what we are seeing is "a hoax of the Deep State being pulled off with special effects and fake White House sets" with Trump still acting as President and quietly establishing a new "sovereign republic" from Florida. Vorel points out that these same QAnons "are also furious about Biden's actions as President".

Re the attack on the Capitol: "[I]t's incredible to watch a community constantly fantasize about violently overthrowing the government, but then immediately insist it wasn't them when their own members follow through on those fantasies."

And then there's . . . March 4.

That date, less than two weeks away, is very important.

Vorel explains why:

[I]t comes as a result of Q believers borrowing the ideology of the so-called "Sovereign Citizen" movement, which chooses to believe that they are not subject to the laws of the United States government, because that government was secretly dissolved in 1871, making 18th President Ulysses S. Grant the last valid American president. As a result, sovereign citizen believers also claim that all amendments to the Constitution following the 14th Amendment have been invalid, and that the United States has officially been a corporation rather than a country since Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration took the country off the gold standard in 1933.

The crux of this theory is that Donald Trump is somehow reestablishing "The Republic of the United States" once again, and will be inaugurated as the new President—technically, the 19th President, and first since Grant—on March 4, which is the date that inaugurations were previously carried out before 1933.

This is all a mouthful, but the short version is this: A lot of QAnon people think that Trump will magically become President again on March 4, thanks to legal loopholes. And this guy's evidence is … that there are 17 days after President's Day before March 4. And "Q" is the 17th letter of the alphabet.

Also, there may be a new election ("a valid one based on the Constitution") held on March 4 (or shortly thereafter).

Others try to dissuade people from making predictions about specific dates (aka "datefagging").

Datefagging is dangerous. Q told us not do it because the fake news media and fake MAGAs always use it against us. He also said they aren't going to give away their timeline to the enemy (who also knows how to decode).

Vorel notes how every news story secretly has major implications for QAnon:

There is no topic that doesn't somehow lead back to Q. . . . [O]ne of the most common forms of Q influencer posting is simply posting an unrelated news story, along with a comment like "interesting …" or "big things coming soon." It hypes up the crowd on a slow news day, and allows them to feel like some kind of progress is being made in their endless holy war. Observe:

The Prime Minister of Italy is stepping down? It must be because Italy secretly helped Biden rig the election for some reason. There's no way this is related to the government's catastrophic mishandling of the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, right?

Super billionaire Jeff Bezos is moving to a different executive position within his company? It must be because Patriots are closing in on him, yeah!

Biden wants to complete one of Obama's unfulfilled promises and close Guantanamo Bay? It must be because he's afraid of being imprisoned there himself! . . .

What's that? Trump's DC hotel is jacking up its rates for March 3 and March 4? It must be because that's when Trump will be inaugurated as the 19th President, as foretold, and not because they realize they can take advantage of gullible anons who are happy to be fleeced by any organization with the word "Trump" written on it. . . . Trump's hotel isn't "taking financial advantage of gullible Q followers," it's just "trolling the media" by charging Q people three times the normal rate.

All that and the use of the term "black-pilled doompooners".

There is also the constant talk of killing politicians, either dragging them out of their homes and lynching them or acting as snipers and picking them off one by one. Other dream of watching traitors executed on live television. Q and MAGA believers should form a military resistance and start blowing people up. Others state that if necessary, they are prepared to kill friends, neighbors, and family members in a civil war that will leave "bodies lining every street". (One of the Capitol insurrectionists threatened to kill his family if they turned him in.) It's some seriously terrifying and fucked up stuff.

Vorel readily admits he has no idea how to reach these people and help them back to reality.

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