Tuesday, February 09, 2021

CBS, NBC, ABC, & Fox Invite Republicans On Sunday News Shows, Refuse To Mention Their Lies And Seditious Attempts To Overturn Election; Two Days After Rep. Ron Wright Tweeted About Safety Of Opening Schools, He Died Of COVID-19; 464 Pages Of Dirt On Giuliani As Rudy's Own 1993 Vulnerability Study (Which He Ordered Destroyed) Surfaces!


laura k said...

Please tell us something about the Vulnerability Study so I don't have to click?

allan said...

According to the link: "The study was opposition research Giuliani ordered to be done on himself. It was prepared for his 1993 mayoral campaign, a rematch of the race he lost narrowly to David Dinkins in 1989. The aim was to 'inoculate' him against all potential attacks from his opponent. . . . The Rudolph W. Giuliani Vulnerability Study was so incisive that, according to Giuliani biographer Wayne Barrett, the candidate ordered all copies destroyed once it had been absorbed by his closest aides. This compilation might fall into the wrong hands and give enemies the intelligence needed to dismantle him. (Apparently, at least one copy survived.)"

I took a quick look and it seems even at 464 pages, the file is not complete. It's missing any mention of the violence towards his first wife.