Thursday, February 18, 2021

As Millions Of Texans Are Without Power And Running Water (For Five Days, In Some Places), And Worrying About Freezing To Death, Senator Ted Cruz Abandons His State And Heads To Cancun For A Vacation

"Ted Cruz sees his job as basically being a guy who records a podcast, goes on Fox News, and tweets snarky jokes. And increasingly, that's what being a conservative politician is. It's a form of performative trolling."
Chris Hayes (MSNBC

There's Always A Tweet!


johngoldfine said...

Hell, Allan, he abandoned his poodle Snowflake! And I thought I couldn't loathe him more.

allan said...

Has that been confirmed? Numerous people were tweeting about it last night. Could he have left the dog and a person in the house (he said was FREEZING so he had to go to Cancun)? Which is not a whole lot better . . . I'm a little surprised he caved and came back. If he was "a real man" (TM), he would have stayed.

There is no bottom with any of these cruel fascist asshats.

johngoldfine said...

Apparently there was a guard taking care of the poodle.

Not impressed. I don't leave dogs alone because I want to loll on a beach for fucksake!

Jean and I haven't taken a vacation together since 1969 when we were married. Why? Because, Ted, someone should be home with the dogs!

allan said...

The dog and the "guard" can huddle together for warmth!

Ted Cancruz's lies are amazing. "I packed two suitcases because I was flying down only to make sure my kids got there safely and then I was totally flying straight back despite having an original return ticket for six days later which was only changed after a public uproar and thank goodness that even after I admitted on Fox that I was going to stay for a week, Hannity kept telling the flying-right-back lie."

allan said...

Breaking News at Newsmax: Biden's dog might need a bath. Or his fur is brown (which equals "dirty", obviously).