Thursday, June 18, 2020

Yesterday, We Learned Trump Praised And Encouraged China's Concentration Camps For Muslims; Today, Trump's Campaign Was Busted For Using Nazi Symbols

Think of all the things you have seen or read about Donald Trump. All those reports portraying him as an unrepentant and proud racist, sexist, narcissistic, bullying, lying, paranoid, ignorant, simpleton, someone close-to-illiterate and bereft of empathy, kindness, love and generosity, a sadistic sociopath accused through the decades of numerous sexual assaults and rapes, as well as pedophilia.

In all of those stories, you know what you never hear or read?

"The Donald Trump I know would never say (or do) that."


No matter how horrible or inhumane or childish or offensive the report, not even one person is willing to step forward and say the charge is inconsistent with Trump's basic character.

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