Friday, April 23, 2021

Howard Dean Nails It: The Current Republican Party Mostly Consists of "Racist, Delusional, Neo-Fascist, Whack-Job Nutcases", Some Of Whom Are "Basically A Sentient YouTube Comment Section"

When he's right, he's right.

Howard Dean tells Molly Jong-Fast of The Daily Beast's podcast "The New Abnormal" that the GQP has suffered a total moral collapse (wait a minnit . . . they had morals?) and now is mostly populated with racist neo-fascist nutcases:

I hate to call Republicans right-wing fascists because often they supported me, but this is unrecognizable. They believe in autocracy, not democracy, they are racist. It's just shocking what's happened to the Republican Party. . . .

There are some House Republicans who are basically a sentient YouTube comment section. They have nothing to contribute, frankly, to American politics, except for incendiary and sometimes delusional public statements. . . .

These people are crazy. They're conspiracy theorists, they're whack jobs. They're embedding their own reality. I mean, if they ever really run the country, it's going to be a disaster for us. 'Cause you... this is why autocrats don't run good economies, because they start believing in their own BS. You have a Republican Party, which emotionally, essentially are neo-fascist. They fundamentally do not believe that another legitimate point of view exists other than theirs.

Now . . . HOLD ON RIGHT THERE, Howard!

That's not fair.

They are also the party of sex trafficking, death-worshippingpuppy-drowning, pedophiles.

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