Friday, April 30, 2021

After FBI Raids, Rudy Appears On Fox Chanting Conservative Mantra: "Hunter Biden"
Former Guy: "He Does These Things ... And They Raid His Apartment. It’s Like, So Unfair"

Donald Trump: "Rudy Giuliani Is A Great Patriot"
Michael Cohen: "Rudy Is An Idiot And He Drinks Too Much"

You Say "Making Progress For The Most Vulnerable",
I Say "Allowing (And Enjoying) The Deaths Of 500,000+ Americans"

Remember That Trump's Cybersecurity Adviser Had No Clue How To Unlock His iPhone
(And Repeatedly Butt-Dialed Reporters, Allowing Them To Listen To Him Committing Crimes)

Trump Cultist Mimics Trump's Taking-A-Massive-Dump Sitting Style

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