Saturday, February 19, 2022

Trump Now Admits He Stole Boxes Of Classified Documents From The White House, But Don't Expect His Ongoing Admissions Of Criminality To Lead To Any Consequences

Trump neatly glosses over the fact that he committed a federal crime when he stole the documents in the first place. And he makes his usual threat/request for more violence from his marks supporters.
So . . . Will Trump face any consequences for this latest crime?

Almost certainly, no.

As Seth Abramson points out below, Trump was not in the White House for even four months before he gave classified information to the Russians during an Oval Office meeting, which strengthened hard-to-ignore rumors that Trump is a Russian agent. And nothing happened.

The Department of Justice, despite knowing it has clear evidence of more than 12 counts of Obstruction of Justice against Trump, is quietly letting the statute of limitations run out.

That same DOJ has been deafeningly silent since Trump incited a deadly seditious insurrection, part of a complex plot to void the results of the 2020 election and install himself as an unelected dictator, nearly 14 months ago, in likely violation of several federal laws, including 18 U.S.C. §2383 (Rebellion or Insurrection), §2384 (Seditious Conspiracy), §2385 (Advocating Overthrow of Government), §2389 (Recruiting for Service against United States).
For those who think Trump will face some punishment for removing classified intel from the White House and taking it home to Florida, remember that his whole presidency was a national security scandal and *began* with him revealing Israeli intel to the Kremlin in the Oval Office

My point is, I want to get excited about the breaking news today but unfortunately I wrote three books about Trump's national security violations and learned that not only does no one care when a POTUS is a national security threat but basically everyone agrees it must be ignored

And of course now Trump is an *ex*-POTUS, so you think that he can no longer be a virulent national security threat on a daily basis without consequences—until you realize that holding him accountable would embarrass a large number of powerful people so we'll just have to skip it

It's vital that journalists catalog every crime Trump committed so if there's an America 1,000 years from now he will *still* be considered the worst president and biggest traitor in our history, but that is separate from thinking 15 boxes of classified intel will bring him down

The upper limit of where today's breaking news goes is Trump is prosecuted in a case that takes 3 or 4 years and sees everyone associated with it threatened with death by MAGA terrorists on a daily basis, with the only result being that Trump gets 2 years of probation and a fine

That could change slightly if we find that he had input into which classified intelligence he would spirit out of the White House, and deliberately stole evidence he thought could be used to convict him, but even then the evidence would matter infinitely more than the theft of it

Remember, this is a man who was a focus of an 800-page DOJ report confirming unambiguously that he committed the federal felony of Obstruction of Justice at least a dozen times, and not only was he not prosecuted but DOJ is letting the statute of limitations lapse without comment

There are people in this country, in politics and law enforcement, whose *oaths* actually *compel* them to *ensure* that Trump is treated no differently than any other citizen—and all of America has watched them do f*ck-all since 2016 and that won't change because of today's news

This news will only matter if it can be linked to a broader criminal conspiracy to overthrow the federal government—which, to be clear, it is *entirely possible* that it ultimately will be
But that is *not* where we are tonight and that is *not* what the current breaking news is

Anyone on Twitter not being *very* clear that this is the 1000th national security scandal involving Trump—and I'm not exaggerating by much, because there really was one every few days for four years—and that none of them resulted in anything but news cycles is being disingenuous

The best part for me personally is that I can write a thread like this and still be confident that MAGA radicals will swear my response to today's news was "he promised Trump would go to prison 🤣"
What I actually say matters as little to these people as what Trump actually does

And if you wonder what prompts me to write a bitter thread like this, read any one of the Proof books—or all three—and imagine how angry I am being a lawyer who has watched hundreds of my fellow "brothers and sisters at the bar" violate their oaths with respect to Trump for years

* * *
His skull's not hairy
Teeth fake, thrice-ly married
The leakage on his cheekage is scary
Probably sherry
He's drunk
But on the surface he looks, well, drunk
He's not hiding it
Hope he doesn't whip out his junk
Like that one scene
So obscene
He reached for peen
To show a teen
'Til Papa Borat intervened
Rudy: "You think we're stupid? You think we're fools?"
Yeah, but I also think you shouldn't be allowed near schools
He's lost grasp of reality
Whoa, is he having a stroke?
He found ballots, they're faux
He's Trump's madam, that's gross
Befriends Russians, colludes
Love corruption, it's true
He's been pushing the coup
Married his cousin? Oh, ew
The dude should be disbarred
He's a fiend for cigars
He wants treason, it's hard
But he won't stop
Back to the Four Seasons
No, not that Four Seasons
The landscaping business by a dildo shop
You can go screw yourself
You're a doofus, you know it
You bonehead, less-ethical Nosferatu
Told me he's had one shot
It smells more like twenty-two
His cerebellum's gone into rapid decline

Actual News On Fox?!?!?

* * *

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