Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Light of Reason

... is a blog I found through Atrios. Two recent entries are well worth your time.

The first is from Baghdad Burning, a blog written by a woman living in Baghdad. She writes:
There hasnt been a drop of water in the faucets for six days. six days. ... At first, I thought it was just our area but I've been asking around and apparently, almost all of the areas (if not all) are suffering this drought. ... It's amazing how as things get worse, you begin to require less and less. We have a saying for that in Iraq, 'Ili yishoof il mawt, yirdha bil iskhooneh.' Which means, 'If you see death, you settle for a fever.' We've given up on democracy, security and even electricity. Just bring back the water."
The second is entitled: "Playing God, And Embracing Nilhilism". It discusses the themes of Bush's speech the other day, which was so disturbing even Peggy Noonan got creeped out. ... And then the Misadministration had to quickly run out and explain that what Chimpy said wasn't really what he meant.

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