Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Family Values

Kid Rock has been invited to perform at a youth concert at Bush's coronation. Will he sing "Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley":
Slowly strokin, no jokin
My tongue just keeps on pokin
And the best type of oochie coochie
Is the type that tastes like sushi
Eat it, Watch a girl get frisky
And then wash it down with a shot of whiskey
Or "Balls In Your Mouth":
But before I could talk she go grabbed my dick
licked her lips and started talkin that porno shit
She said look here I know you're Kid Rock
then whispered in my ear "I wanna swallow your cock"
... And now I can't wait to get her back to my house
set her down on her knees and put my balls in her mouth
Or "Fuck U Blind:
Dumb bitch fuckin whore always wanted to get laid
But never gave the pussy up to anybody in her grade
Played me like a sucker, like a bitch like a punk
That little pussy lickin finger fuckin ho ass cunt
So many choices. ... Tracey Schmitt, a spokeswoman from the Presidential Inaugural Committee: "There's no greater defender of family values than President Bush."

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