Sunday, September 04, 2022

Trump Promises Unprecedented Violence Across US, Says His Followers Will Have "No Choice [But To Unleash] A Backlash The Likes Of Which No One Has Ever Seen Before"

I was informed, from reading journalist Seth Abramson's live-tweets of Trump's word salad, that Trump called the legal, court-ordered search of his Florida home -- which was coordinated beforehand between the FBI and the Secret Service agents stationed at Mar-a-Lago (which he lied about), so Trump knew about it at least a day or two before it happened (which he lied about) and he watched the entire thing live via closed circuit television (which he lied about) -- a "raid", an "invasion", and an "assault" by "vicious monsters" who "stormed" into his home. He also referred to it as a "break-in" numerous times.

In the first two minutes of his speech, Trump labelled Biden as an "enemy of the state". Later he called Democrats "sinister, corrupt and evil" and said America is now "a killing field". Because the US is ruled by a "tyrant" and is currently being destroyed, Trump promised his supporters will deliver "a backlash the likes of which no one has ever seen before". 

Abramson: "This is, quite simply, a speech intended to incite domestic terrorists to kill FBI agents and members of the Biden administration."

Trump said the FBI's search of his home constituted a violent attack on the "hopes and dreams" of every American who voted for him in 2020, a number Trump estimated could be as high as 225 million. Note: The US Census Bureau states there were 258.3 million adults in the US in 2020 and a total of roughly 155 million Americans voted in the 2020 presidential election. 

Trump promises, should he ever find himself in the White House again, the federal government will decide what children are taught in schools.
Remember: Every Accusation Is A Confession.

Trump's rhetoric is impossible to follow. He says that by January 2021 he'd saved America—making the nation stronger than it'd ever been in 240 years. But his salvation was *also* apparently so shoddy that a man he deems addled was able to *destroy* all he did in months. Uh...?🤪

Anyway, now he's back to saying he knew virtually nothing about Russia when he took office in 2017. (In fact, he entered office having spent decades—decades—more obsessed with Russia than almost any businessman in America. His fabulism is beyond pathological. It is sociopathic.)

He is fully unhinged. . . . Biden is a "tyrant." He says his followers must "smash" the Democrats. He is repeating all the things he said *on January 6*. He is saying America is about to be "destroyed." He is *worse* today than he was on January 6.

God, the lies he is telling. Multiple lies per sentence. I am not sure he has told the truth about even a single thing yet and we are like 20 minutes into his "speech."

He is literally *in* a building with empty seats throughout the upper deck and with a whole section behind him blocked off and empty and he's telling people who are *in the building with him* that the building is sold out and at capacity. Sociopathy? Psychopathy? I've lost track.

He's telling people who are *in the building with him* that "all the cameras just turned off" because of what he just said, and the people *in the building* can see that that's untrue but he says it anyway because *this is a cult*. He could declare himself God and they would nod. . . .

Trump says the war in Ukraine wouldn't have happened under him because he would've simply asked Putin not to invade and Putin would've instantly agreed. Imagine being a person who believes this. I don't know about you, but I can't. . . .

He just said the 5 worst presidents in U.S. history *combined* did *less* harm to America across their decades in office than Biden has done in 18 months. How does anyone take a man seriously who says things like this? A literal circus clown would be embarrassed by this clownery. . . .

He just slipped and admitted he lost Pennsylvania, then caught himself. Or, he didn't, not really, but all the cultists in the room will think he did. I kid you not, this man who inherited $400 million from his dad is now attacking Fetterman for "leeching off his parents" (huh)?


Headline of the Day (from Rolling Stone)

Republicans Call Biden Divisive While Equating Him To Satan And Hitler

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Paul Hickman said...

How many people died "because" of Bin Laden ?

That's an impossible question to answer, but many could make a reasonable estimate of sorts. Clearly well into the Thousands & probably Tens of Thousands.

How many have died "because" of Dump ?

Well let's start with Covid ...... due to Incompetence & Indolence, it'd surely be 300K at a very bare minimum, possibly 700K plus ?

But sadly, they can't put "Dump" on the Death Certificate.

But in this case here, future Deaths from Domestic Terrorism or Assassination are all his responsibility.

I am reminded of the Unabomber, who morally has done far less & is in jail for about 150 years.

Or those poor Punks in Georgia who smoked 3 joints & ludicrously got done on the stupidity of 3 strikes & are in jail for Life.

So many, have done so much less, than This Creature & his Fascist Cronies.

What a Treat it would be to see it in a Jumpsuit, that goes nicely with it's "hair" ........