Thursday, September 01, 2022

Trump & Lawyers Confess To His Crimes – But Defend Him Against Having A Messy Office

Drug Lord: "A lot of people think that when you walk into my office I have dozens of packages of drugs stacked up against the wall . . . Like I'm sitting there building a wall with these packets. . . . They put the drugs in a stacked fashion and they took a picture. #WITCHHUNT #INNOCENT"

And Judge Box-O-Wine says she has "never seen anything like this" despite being "in law enforcement for 30 years"?!?!

Nat'l Security Analysts 'Shaking Their Heads' Following Trump's Handling Of Docs (MSNBC)

Trump's Legal Moves In Mar-a-Lago Hearing Make 'No Sense At All': Fmr. FBI General Counsel (NBC News)

Donald Trump Lashes Out At DOJ (MSNBC)

Nat. Security Lawyer: 'Spit Out My Coffee' After Reading Trump Team Filing (MSNBC)

Why Trump Attorney May Need A Lawyer In Wake Of DOJ Photo (CNN)

Lawrence O'Donnell has been doing these nearly every night for weeks – and part of the fun is seeing how much O'Donnell is enjoying himself. This one is gold. . . . IN. HIS. DESK. . . . the hotel where he lives in Florida . . . but that's where Donald Trump keeps his Tic-Tacs. . . . And I'm very glad I was not drinking anything at my computer at 6:05!

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