Sunday, September 11, 2016

"9/11 Anniversary: Government Hid and Destroyed 9/11 Evidence"

9/11 Anniversary: Government Hid and Destroyed 9/11 Evidence
Washington's Blog, September 9, 2016
Judges and lawyers know that – if someone intentionally destroys evidence – he’s probably trying to hide his crime. American law has long recognized that destruction of evidence raises a presumption of guilt for the person who destroyed the evidence.

So what does it mean when the US government intentionally destroyed massive amounts of evidence related to 9/11? ...
The article's subheads:
Judge and Prosecutor Destroy Evidence

Destruction of Videotapes

Destruction of Air Traffic Control Tapes

Pentagon Fibs

Soviet-Style "Minders"

Undermining Investigation


Black Boxes

Saudi Role

Letting Terrorists Go Free

Destruction of Physical Evidence

9/11 Commissioners Disgusted ... and Call For a New Investigation

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