Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Pale King: Paperback Has Four New Sections

UPDATE: Joe Winkler provides recaps (and little snips) from all four new sections at Vol. 1 Brooklyn. I guess some stores are selling copies ahead of the April 10 release date.


The paperback edition of David Foster Wallace's The Pale King, due April 10, will have four additional sections - three sections of three pages each, and one section that runs 14 pages. One of the shorter sections has been posted at The Millions.
Charles Lehrl grew up not in Peoria but in nearby Decatur, home of Archer Dentists Midland and Lehrl said a city of such relentless uninteresting squalor and poverty that Peorians point with genuine pride at their city’s failure to be as bad as Decatur, whose air stank either of hog processing or burnt corn depending on the wind, whose patrician class distinguished itself by chewing gum with their front teeth. Lehrl’s narrative was that he had grown up in a mobile home the color of rotten fruit across a drainage culvert from Self-Storage Parkway . . .
There will be at least five DFW-related books published in 2012:
April 1 - Conversations with David Foster Wallace, edited by Stephen Burn

April 10 - The Pale King (paperback)

May 31 - The Legacy of David Foster Wallace, edited by Sam Cohen and Lee Konstantinou

August 20 - Every Love Story is A Ghost Story: A life of David Foster Wallace (biography by D.T. Max)

November 27 - Both Flesh And Not (15 previously uncollected essays)

Date ? - A Companion to David Foster Wallace Studies, edited by Stephen Burn and Marshall Boswell
Thanks to The Howling Fantods for the information.

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