Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Tuesday, April 7: The Donald Trump Shit Show, Featuring Non-Stop Lies And Childish Insults, Starring The Most Mentally Ill Person In Government

Trump said:
I didn't see them, but I heard some memos talking about pandemic. I didn't see them, I didn't look for them either. ... I basically did what the memo said.
That is a lie. (He heard some memos talking, did he?)

Trump also claimed he was completely correct when he said the virus would simply go away (though he made no mention of his estimate of only a handful of cases and no deaths):
Which I was right about. It will go away.
He has made this excuse several times over the past few days. I have no idea why the room has not exploded with follow-up questions, like:
It will go away. Yes, I guess it will, eventually. So in your mind, the best response is to sit down and do nothing while waiting for it to "go away"?

It will go away. And on that day - when, as you said, the virus simply disappears like a miracle - can you tell us how many Americans will be dead? How many Americans will be dead because you deliberately ignored this threat for at least two months?

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