Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Trump Dreamed Up "Sickening" Medieval Plots "To Pierce The Flesh" Of Migrants, Rip All The Families Apart, "Maim," And Gas Them. "This Was A Man With No Humanity Whatsoever." ("Then Literally Out of Goddamn Nowhere ...'You Know The MyPillow Guy, Do Any Of You Have Those Pillows?'")

The Daily Beast, August 25, 2020:
You thought what happened on-screen during the first night of the Republican National Convention was crazy? It's nothing compared to Trump behind the scenes.

Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, joined Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast on this episode of The New Abnormal to share the eye-watering tales of what Trump is really like when the cameras are switched off.

The national security official couldn't get through a meeting "without him doing 20 tangents, becoming irascible, turning red in the face, demanding a diet Coke, spewing spit," Taylor explained. "Literally out of goddamn nowhere, he'd be like, 'You know, who's just my favorite guy? The MyPillow guy. Do any of you have those pillows?'"

When it came to the border wall, Trump would dream up "sickening" medieval plots "to pierce the flesh" of migrants, rip all the families apart, "maim," and gas them, Taylor claims. "This was a man with no humanity whatsoever," Taylor says. "He says, we got to do this, this, this, and this, all of which are probably impossible, illegal unethical," Taylor recalls, but he was writing them down as the president spoke. "And he looks over me and he goes, 'you fucking taking notes?'"

And I Hope I Wake Up Tomorrow 30 Years Younger With Ted Williams's Batting Eye And A Multi-Year Contract With the Red Sox . . .

The Big Question: Who Will She Plagiarize Tonight?


Remember back in June 2015 when Trump said he would be funding his campaign with his own money? ("I don't need anybody's money. I'm using my own money.") Some people actually believed it!!!

Trump has not spent even one dollar of his own money on his campaigns. The money transfer is actually working the other way. Trump has continually shifted money from his donors to his businesses. His reelection campaign pays for rent, food, lodging, and other expenses of his private companies. (American taxpayers pay for Trump's trips to his own golf courses.)

Forbes reports Trump has transferred at least moved $2.3 million of contributions from other people into his private companies. The Republican National Committee and Trump's joint-fundraising committees have nearly $5 million to Trump's businesses since Trump took office. Trump's total haul—from his campaign, party and joint fundraising committees—now stands at roughly $7 million.

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