Sunday, February 27, 2005

Support Tax the Troops
Republican majorities on the House and Senate veterans' affairs committees have voted to impose an enrollment fee of at least $230 a year on 2.4 million veterans - one of every three now eligible for Veterans Affairs Administration health care.
But don't blame Bush, this is (somehow) all Clinton's fault.

New York Times:
With little fanfare, the Bush administration is proposing to stop financing the construction of new housing for the mentally ill and physically handicapped as part of a 50 percent cut in its housing budget for people with disabilities. ... [T]he federal government would discontinue financing housing for people with spinal cord injuries or psychiatric illnesses who are not necessarily homeless but may live in nursing homes or psychiatric hospitals.
On the plus side, these cuts will save approximately $120 million -- less than one day's cost for the Iraq occupation.

Damn, if this is "compassionate conservatism," I'd hate to see what they do when they get mean and vindictive.

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