Saturday, February 26, 2005

My Name Is ...

For awhile, I've known that "This Blog Needs No Title" or "Untitled" simply wasn't going to cut it as the name of this blog. So I'm complaining about it tonight and I look over to the book shelf and spy a Truman Capote spine. "How about I call it "In Cold Blog'?" ... Hmmm, that's actually not too bad. And it makes both my blogs (The Joy of Sox being the other) slight takeoffs of book titles. I like that. ... Then, of course, I start scanning the titles on every shelf:
The Blog Also Rises
Portnoy's Blog
Blogs of Grass
Nicholas Bloggerby
Lady Chatterley's Lover's Blog
As I Lay Blogging
Of Mice and Blogs
Blogeo and Juliet
So many possibilities ...

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