Sunday, February 27, 2005


Doug Schmitz,
Recall the hissy fit the media leftists threw about Fox News White House Correspondent Carl Cameron when he was traveling with the Kerry campaign: Cameron, who's one of the best White House correspondents in Washington, referred to John Kerry as a "metrosexual" in a private e-mail about Kerry’s over-the-top grooming habits. But it was inadvertently posted on and, subsequently, the pro-Kerry media pounced.

But these same leftist reporters never said a word when New York Times reporter and Bush-hater Adam Nagourney posted, in his "personal diary" on his Web site, false allegations about Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman.
Wanna see Nagourney's "personal diary"? It is here.

As Atrios says, this guy's dumber than dirt. Probably reads The Onion for its investigative journalism.

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