Sunday, June 05, 2005

Army Kidnapping To Meet Recruitment Goals?

I'm very late in noticing this extremely fucked up story:
Neighbors of Ever Jandres of Encino, Calif., recently wrote a letter to U.S. Rep. Howard Berman charging recruitment malfeasance and asking him to look into the 24-year-old learning-disabled epileptic's mysterious disappearance, Mark Crispin Miller reported online at News from Underground. A spokesman for Berman confirmed that the congressman is "very concerned" about the matter.

Jandres, who is Salvadoran and has a borderline low IQ, was apparently "befriended" by a local Army recruiter, who invited him to come with him to Arizona for three days to observe basic training. Five days later, his distraught mother (who speaks no English) got a phone call from her son, who told her, hysterically, that he was on a military base in South Carolina. He was now in the Army, he said, and wasn't allowed to stay on the phone longer than a minute. Family members' and friends' attempts to get any information from the Army have been fruitless.
Veterans for Common has a little more.

In related news, the Pentagon has postponed the release of military recruiting figures for May. The Army has "missed its recruiting goals for three straight months entering May, falling short by a whopping 42 percent in April."

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