Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hurray For Helen Thomas

Press Briefing by Scott McClellan
May 25, 2005
McClellan: That's all I have to update at this moment. And with that, I'll be glad to go to your questions.

Thomas: The other day -- in fact, this week, you said that we, the United States, is in Afghanistan and Iraq by invitation. Would you like to correct that incredible distortion of American history --

McClellan: No, we are -- that's where we currently --

Thomas: -- in view of your credibility is already mired? How can you say that?

McClellan: Helen, I think everyone in this room knows that you're taking that comment out of context. There are two democratically-elected governments in Iraq and --

Thomas: Were we invited into Iraq?

McClellan: There are two democratically-elected governments now in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we are there at their invitation. They are sovereign governments, and we are there today --

Thomas: You mean if they had asked us out, that we would have left?

McClellan: No, Helen, I'm talking about today. We are there at their invitation. They are sovereign governments --

Thomas: I'm talking about today, too.

McClellan: -- and we are doing all we can to train and equip their security forces so that they can provide for their own security as they move forward on a free and democratic future.

Thomas: Did we invade those countries?

McClellan: Go ahead, Steve.

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