Sunday, May 01, 2005

High School Student Doing Job Of Mainstream Media

From Colorado:
Two Army recruiters in Golden have been suspended from their jobs while military officials look into allegations the two men used improper tactics to get an Arvada high school student to sign up for duty. ... David McSwane, an Arvada West High School honors student and editor of his school newspaper, [was] "curious" to see what recruiters at a Golden recruitment facility would do if he told them he wanted to join the Army as a high school dropout with a serious marijuana problem. ...

Starting in January, McSwane met with two recruiters in Golden several times and secretly taped a series of phone calls with them. On the tapes, one recruiter is apparently heard encouraging McSwane to create a fake high school diploma to cover for the fact that he had dropped out. ... McSwane got a friend to film another recruiter driving him to a store to purchase a detoxification kit to rid his system of supposed marijuana traces.
Why are Army recruiters having such a hard time finding young men willing to go to Iraq? Where are the thousands of young Republicans with magnetic yellow ribbons on their cars? Why aren't they enlisting in droves to fight for freedom and defend our country from its enemies?

How bad can it be in Iraq? If things were really messed up, Bush would simply hop in his Vietnam Fighter Jet and zip over there and straighten things out in no time.

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