Saturday, January 15, 2005

Tortured Logic

To The Poor Man, I say: Fuckin'-A Right!

TBNNT's Handy Torture Gauge: "If you would be enraged knowing that American POWs were undergoing the same treatment, then it's torture."

By the way:
"At the urging of the White House, congressional leaders scrapped a legislative measure last month that would have imposed new restrictions on the use of extreme interrogation measures by US intelligence officers ... The Senate had approved the new restrictions, by a 96-2 vote, as part of the intelligence reform legislation. ...

But in intense, closed-door negotiations, according to congressional officials, four senior lawmakers from the House and Senate deleted the restrictions from the final bill after the White House expressed opposition to the measure. ..."
The "four senior lawmakers" -- all enablers of war crimes -- were Susan Collins (R-Maine), Jane Harman (D-California), Joe Lieberman (D-Connecticut) and Peter Hoekstra (R-Michigan).

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