Friday, August 12, 2016

Poor Yoricks' Summer - Infinite Jest, Pages 538-575

I wrote this Friday's guest post - about Don Gately and faith - at the Poor Yoricks' Summer blog.

This week's sections:
538-547: Undated, but early November. Randy Lenz "abroad in the urban night, solo, on almost a nightly basis, sometimes carrying a book ... unaccompanied and disguised, apparently strolling". There.

548: No locks at Ennet House besides on a couple of windows.

548-549: Early November. Rodney Tine (and his special metric ruler) are in Boston. Update on the impact of the Entertainment.

550-553: November 9, late PM. Michael Pemulis interrupts John Wayne and Avril Incandenza, dressed up as nearly-naked football player and cheerleader, respectively, in Avril's office.

553-559: November 11. Lenz (continued). Lenz, after ingesting some Bing, walks with Bruce Green, which he (Lenz) enjoys, but also he'd like to be strolling solo.

560: Undated. Hal resting in his bunk. Troeltsch, Pemulis, and Wayne each stop by briefly.

560-562: Lenz and Green (continued). Lenz is quite talkative, due to his Crosbulation.

563-565: November 11. Snippets of Gately's conversations with residents, including Joelle.

565-567: Orin and the Swiss hand model. An endnote includes Orin's comments about his parents during interview with Steeply.

567-574: Michael Pemulis talks about annulation to a blindfolded Idris Arslanian.

574-575: Orin realizes that the wheelchaired man at the hotel room's door had same accent as the Swiss hand model.

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