Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Not An Original Idea

My little project of reading Stephen King's books in published order (and blogging about them) is far from an original idea.

Dan at "Stephen King Reviewed" got off to a decent start, but apparently stopped in 2009 after 16 books.

Jamie Todd Rubin is also reading King's books in order, but not blogging about each one.

In May 2011, Suzanne Johnson at Tor.com began reading The Dark Tower series for the first time. It looks like she has been reading at a comfortable pace to have people reading (and commenting) along with her. The schedule of what she has done so far is here.

James Smythe (or is it Smith?) of The Guardian (UK) began reading King's books in order in late May. He (assuming Smythe and Smith are the same person) has read four books so far.

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