Sunday, March 19, 2006

The End.

This will likely be my last post to In Other News... (Although I may use the URL for something else in the future.)

I don't do a lot of analyzing or original writing here -- mostly posting links to items I think are overlooked and/or important -- but even so, it has become a chore. Pushing yourself to write is hard enough. It should never feel like a "job".

Also, continued evidence of the dark evil at the heart of the ruling party in the US, coupled with the noise about an inevitable attack on Iran (and the very real possiblity of another "terror attack" to re-rally the citizenry), has made me pretty depressed. It seems like that feeling has only increased since I left the US for Canada.

I urge you to bookmark some of the news links on the right. If you do, you'll probably find everything I would have posted here anyway. My picks for the best sites:
The Huffington Post
Left I On The News
Media Matters
Rigorous Intuition
Unclaimed Territory

and especially the Latest Breaking News forum at Democratic Underground (and don't forget Top 10 Conservative Idiots).
And (naturally) Joy of Sox for all your Boston Red Sox needs.


L-girl said...

You had a good run. You brought worthy news items to many people. So long, In Other News, In Cold Blog and the political half of Joy of Sox.

It seems like that feeling has only increased since I left the US for Canada.

Really? That is sad.

Tomes said...

Sad to see you go.

I would bet that some politics will drift back to the Joy of Sox, as it should be. The combination is what drew me to J.O.S. in the first place.


truth said...

Agree with tomes. Put the politics back in JOS.

I like the mental picture of Curt Schilling's head exploding (figuratively, of course) when he logs on.

redsock said...

Thanks so much for the comments.

I may move the block of political links back to JoS, but that'll be about it.

sleepybomb said...

man, sorry to see this go away. a nice source of info i didn't know and some insightful commentary. good luck where-ever life takes you and thanks for all the nice words.
this will be missed!
m.a. sample