Saturday, November 12, 2005

White Phosphorus

The US is without a doubt using chemical weapons on innocent civilians in Iraq.

Cannonfire has posted two gruesome photos of victims of white phosphorus. He also posts this comment from former US soldier Jeff Englehart:
The gases from the warhead, the white phosphorus will disperse in a cloud and when it makes contact with skin then it's absolutely irreversible damage, burning flesh to the bone. It doesn't necessarily burn clothes but it will burn the skin underneath clothes.

And this is why protective masks do not help because it will burn right through the mask, the rubber of the mask, it will manage to get inside your face. If you breathe it it will blister your throat and your lungs till you suffocate. And then it will burn you from the inside. ...


Lone Primate said...

Whew... the doublespeak the current administration and some of the people supporting it are capable of is at once breathtaking and frightening. If there is a God, how long will S/He suffer such people to remain the most powerful on Earth? :(

Trevor said...

Thanks to XM Radio (ie the BBC) and NPR (Note: I occasionally watch Fox News, just to make sure i'm not missing anything -- and i'm not) on my morning commute, I've never been so disgusted with the current regime in power here (And I know as a Canadian I can "go back home" any time -- but sadly, they're rampages will affect me there too) -- but all this talk about trumped-up intelligence, and white phosporhus and secret torture prisons and "Gitmo's Gitmo" leads me to wonder about this --

Surely the UN has rules about what makes a war criminal -- at this point, without any political machinations but just by the facts that even the Republicans acknoweledge, are certain members of the Bush Administration war criminals?

And if so, can we arrange to ahve warrants for their arrest?