Saturday, July 30, 2005

Putting Things Right

Bombs exploding all over Iraq, close to 1,800 American troops dead and thousands more maimed for life, and at least $200 billion of our tax money down the shitter.

So what is George W. Bush's latest bold plan of action (besides taking his usual August vacation -- his 50th trip to Crawford in five years)?

Renaming his War on Terror™!

That's right, it will now be known as "a global struggle against violent extremism".

Please make a note of it.


G said...

War On Terror only really applies to America. Bush is thinking big - throw 'global' into the mix, as well as taking out terror (so as not to cause any offense), and the door to unabashadly move towards taking over the world is wide open.

L-girl said...

I'll miss TWOT. It was such a good acronym.

Mario said...

Maybe mister Bush should just cut the crap and call it, The War on Evil Doers, TWED or TWO-ED. Catchy acronym.

PimpPia said...

Pia here..Just poppin' around to say that I was impressed by your blog. Post more ait?? Holla back.

Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

Oops, changed his mind.....TWOT it is.

I really think 5 weeks isn't enough. Maybe he can stay at Crawford until after Christmas or so. The longer, the better.