Sunday, April 24, 2005

Let The Eagle Soar

Terrified US Soldiers Are Still Killing Civilians With Impunity, While The Dead Go Uncounted:
It is very easy to be accidentally killed in Iraq. US soldiers treat everybody as a potential suicide bomber. If they are right they have saved their lives and if they are wrong they face no penalty. ...

Every Iraqi has stories of friends or relatives killed by US troops for no adequate reason. Often they do not know if they were shot by regular soldiers or by members of western security companies whose burly employees, usually ex-soldiers, are everywhere in Iraq. ...

US firepower ... cannot be used in built up areas without killing or injuring civilians. ... The immunity of US troops means that there is nothing to inhibit them opening fire in what for them is a terrifying situation.
You won't be reading anything like this in the US media anytime soon. The article accurately notes that US troops are scared shitless and are shooting at anything that moves. The sad part is that more than a few of them are well aware that they are not protecting or defending their country. They are disposable cogs in the machinery of multi-national corporate interests that couldn't care less whether they live or die.

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