Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Red Sox Partner Confirms CIA Uses Jet

Gordon Edes has the Globe's report:
Phillip H. Morse, a minority partner of the Boston Red Sox, confirmed yesterday that his private jet has been chartered to the CIA and said he was aware that it had been flown to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba ... as well as other overseas destinations.

"It's chartered a lot," Morse said by phone from his winter home in Jupiter, Fla. "It just so happens one of our customers is the CIA. I was glad to have the business, actually. I hope it was all for a real good purpose."
Yeesh. Morse admits the CIA used the plane (as opposed to it being rented by a CIA front company) and he knows the CIA flew to Guantanamo. What the fuck does he think was going on? Flying cookies from DC for a bake sale?

"I hope it was all for a real good purpose." ... There is no way Morse is as stupid as he wants us to think he is.

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